Imaginate Studio is located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.  With a strong ambition and a passion for design.  We love what we do and our work shows it.  Started by Jason White in 2005 and since then the Imaginate team has built up to where we offer an array of services.  Mostly focusing on Web Design and Development, Logo Design, Video production, and design production. We have some great team members dedicated to handle print and audio as well.

Imaginate takes the words “imagine” and “create” and puts them together to create the word “Imaginate” (which also means “just Imagine” in spanish).  This name was inspired through the idea that if one can imagine it, you can create it. Our philosophy is “Don’t just create it, Imaginate it!” which means to really pull your imagination through to create something that no one has seen and really create the “wow.”

We work closely with marketing groups to get the best advantage for all the marketing solutions on top of our services here at our studio.

The team here at Imaginate Studio has over 15 years of experience, combined, in web design, video production, logo design, and more. We’ve helped countless businesses start their businesses online. We would love to help yours. Contact us any time to see how we can be of service or visit our portfolio to see some of our proud work.